Athletic Board Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2021

Members Present: Kerry Weston, David Wheatley, Sean Anderson, Chris Osborne, Brad Greenwell, Amanda Bradley, Michelle Fabek, Gina Hutchins, CP Smith, Jason Cheek, Nick Thurmond, Tracey Bickett, OJ Stein, Curt Haun

Board member resignations: John Evans and Brooks Hutchins

Gina Hutchins went over plans for volleyball. Signups include 16 6th graders, 15 7th graders, 12 8th graders and interest from 10 St. Gregory students to play with St. Joe. November 17th is the date for the Conference Volleyball meeting. Open gyms will be scheduled then evaluations. Season typically starts in January. Bethlehem Prep Volleyball was discussed. Gilly Simpsonhad sent out letters to the Catholic schools. Mr. Haun reported that he has not received a letter at this time. Volleyball teams will be denoted as Red and White teams this season. More uniforms will need to be ordered.

The Parish Hall was discussed to be used for Intermediate basketball through the 4th grade teams. It is not usable for volleyball due to having to take down the 6 chandeliers. Sean Anderson asked about the use of the hall for archery. Mr. Haun is to get with Marda and see if that would be doable. The cafeteria is too small for the archery team.

Academic Eligibility was discussed and questions were asked as to where we were looking at changing the eligibility standards. Mr. Haun said he would speak with Ms. Bradley. Discussion about including Behavior on Eligibility was discussed. Mrs. Bradley will speak with the faculty about the direction to go on whether or not student athletes should be allowed to participate in games if they have been in trouble.

Test to Stay was explained and how it only dealt with staying at school. Students who are exposed to COVID can test at school and can stay at school if their test is negative. If students are having to be tested, they cannot participate in sports until their 5 days of negative testing is completed. This is by Archdiocese policy. There is no Test to Play at this time. Mr. Haun was asked to check with the Archdiocese to see if Test to Play was in discussion.

The Financial statement was given. There were no questions.

Mr. Haun updated the board on the Intermediate Girls season. The schedule for the remainder of the season had come out earlier in the week. The season is to end on December 5th with the tournament the following weekend.

Bethlem Prep Soccer was discussed. Brad Greenwell had asked Mr. Haun to have sign ups. Mr. Haun has only had 5 students respond.

St. Joe will be hosting girls’ Intermediate basketball games on November 13th. Michelle Fabek and Brad Greenwell are the contacts for this day.

Boys’ Intermediate evaluations will be held on December 4th. Kerry Weston is to set the times and get those to Mr. Haun to add to the sign up sheet.

Meeting adjourned.