Katie Garrett

Mrs. Katie Garrett was born and raised on a farm in Lebanon, Ky. along with her three sisters. She moved to Bardstown when she and her husband, Chris, married. They have three children: Ted , Bella, and Ben.

Mrs. Garrett comes from a long line of teachers. She has two sisters who teach and her mother, three of her aunts and an uncle are retired teachers. Her brother-in-law is a teacher as well as her mother-in-law who has over 30 years in the classroom. Mrs. Garrett received a Bachelors degree in Paralegal Science from Eastern Kentucky University. She received her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Bellarmine University and is currently working towards her Associate Catechism Degree.

Aside from being a teacher at St. Joseph, Mrs. Garrett has been affiliated with the school for several years through her children’s attendance, and her involvement with the volleyball program, Vacation Bible School, and substitute teaching. Her interests include working in the yard, helping on the farm–anything that gets her outside. She also enjoy scrapbooking and crafts . . . and still loves to color.

Her favorite childhood memories are of working and playing with her sisters on the farm. “We have some good laughs thinking about things we did back then,” she said. She counts three favorite vacations. The first was a honeymoon trip to Maui. She describes it by saying, “It was breathtaking. We can’t wait to go back.” The second favorite is all of their family vacations. According to Mrs. Garrett, a group of approximately 25 people always proves to be a great time. And thirdly was a girl trip to Key West, Florida. Little known facts about herself that Mrs. Garrett shares are that the only thing she’s ever won was an inflatable canoe that lasted for half a trip to the river. Her claim to fame is that she was voted “Most Athletic” of her senior class alongside Anthony Epps. The best thing about teaching for Mrs. Garrett is affecting the children’s lives and learning from the students. Mrs. Garrett credits her parents as the most positive influences in her life. “They are the hardest working individuals I know. My mother went to school to get her Masters, worked full time and raised four children while my father worked 12-hour shifts at GE and farmed. My father, who is over 65, still works 13 to 14 hour days in the heat of summer and the coldest of winter farming three farms. Their determination and hard work is something to aspire to. My second most positive influence is Sister Susan Gatz, SCN. She is the most compassionate, kind-hearted, understanding and funny woman I have ever met. If I can be half the woman she is, I will be accomplishing something,” Mrs. Garrett says. Favorite Quote: Don’t find fault. Find a remedy. ~Henry Ford