Margie Downs

Although born in Louisville, Mrs. Margie Downs has lived in Bardstown all her life. A graduate of St. Joseph, Bethlehem, and the University of Louisville, she received a Master’s Degree from Western Kentucky University.

Mrs. Downs began teaching at St. Joseph after staying at home for 16 years raising her family. She and her husband Jimmy have four children, Violet, Harry, Ellie and Eliza, all of whom are present or former students at St. Joseph School. Mrs. Downs enjoys swimming and walking on the treadmill. Her favorite vacation is the same each year: going to Charleston, S.C. with her family and her parents. She likes for her children to spend time one on one with their grandparents. While in Charleston the family enjoys the beach and riding waves. Their favorite thing is going to the market in Charleston.

Her favorite childhood memories are of Christmas celebrations. “On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus would bring our presents and then put a blanket in the doorway of our living room so we couldn’t see what was in there. We always went to the 7 a.m. Mass on Christmas morning. As my Dad tied his tie in the mirror in the dining room which was attached to the living room, he would peek into the living room and tease us by saying, ‘Oh, Margie!! You should see what Santa left you!!’ All through Mass, I couldn’t wait to get home and see what Santa left. Even to this day, my dad still teases us about what Santa has left for us!!” Mrs. Downs said.

Her favorite part of teaching is everything about it. The best part of the day for her is the smiles the students have in the morning. Positive influences on her include her mother, Violet Smith, and her mother-in-law. Each day she strives to be like those two women. “They have taught me about my faith and how to be a better Christian Catholic.” Her favorite quotes are “Let the children come to me” from the Gospel of John, and one from a college professor who said, “Those who can, Teach!”