Susan Hurst

Mrs. Susan Hurst was born in Elizabethtown and has lived in Bardstown since she was five years old. Mrs. Hurst has taught at St. Joseph for many years. She went to St. Joseph, attended Bethlehem, and finished at Lexington Technical Institute with an Associates Degree in Administrative Assistant, Business and Data Processing. She worked in the Computer Department of American Greetings for 11 years. While at American Greetings, Mrs. Hurst served on the St. Joseph Technology Committee and helped raise funds for the school’s computer lab.

She and her husband David have two daughters, Sarah and Cate. Mrs. Hurst enjoys reading and watching children play sports. Her favorite vacation is going to the beach with her family. One of her favorite childhood memories is of spending the night with her grandparents. “My grandmother would make popcorn in a black iron skillet and put it in a brown paper sack and we would get a coke in a 16 oz. bottle all to ourselves,” she recalls. Mrs. Hurst’s family is very important to her and she likes doing things for them. She usually talks to her sisters at least once a day if not more. Mrs. Hurst names her mother as a positive influence on her life. She says “My mom raised six children ages 10-20 after my dad died at 50. She had never worked outside the home or drove before he died. She had to find a job and learn to drive while taking care of us and making sure we had what we needed. She did retire only then to take care of her mother and father until they died. She was always very active in the community helping others. I am very proud she is my mother.”

Mrs. Hurst’s favorite part of teaching is watching the children as they grow from kindergarten through the eighth grade. She feels rewarded when she sees a student struggling and then they get it. She also feels gratified when former students see her and tell her thanks for making them learn how to type the right way and how it helped them in high school. She adds that the staff and students at St. Joseph are like family. Her favorite quote is “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” The Serenity Prayer